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Learnine Schools’ newly released: seamless lesson design and mobile and online learning, platform gives you an exciting new way to interact with your teachers and other students

A new modern design

Learnine Schools is now available in a new sleek look.

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Integrated with the best tools for e-Learning, Learnine School can meet any demands for your or your child's learning

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Learnine Schools gives you a modern, friendly user experience for the best learning experience.


about us.

Learnine Schools was founded and driven by passion, a passion for children, a passion to enhance the quality of education and passion for humanity.

Learnine Schools offers several value-added services in addition to creche, pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary education. We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education and to the provision of improved educational opportunities for every pupil.

We have therefore expanded our services to include an innovative online and mobile learning platform for schools and students, which enables schools reach their students anytime and anywhere.

Our mobile platform allows schools to manage their educational activities and enables students to access their courses, exams and interact with their teachers. Parents can also login to access information about their children’s learning progress. 


We can offer

A new and exciting mobile and online platform for your students and your institution
A Mobile/Online Platform

Our innovative mobile and online platform enables you to manage your school activities, classes, sections, students, exams, results, teachers, staff, parents, transport, library, noticeboard and expenses at your fingertips.

Learning Experience

Exciting learning content and study materials, comprising text, audio, videos and quizzes are available in the student area and can be accessed at any time

Powerful Learning Tools

Learnine Schools provides you the best learning experience in an online environment via a friendly user interface with many exclusive features.


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4 steps to Learn


Register or Login

You will need to enrol or register as a student in any of the listed schools to use our platform or access the huge database of courses on Learnine Schools. Click here to Register to create an account for yourself or your child. Or if you already have an account, then simply click here login to access the courses.


Open the course archive

Now you can access your classes, library, courses and interact with your teachers. Learnine Schools provides a wide range of courses, from preschool or kindergarten and primary to secondary and tertiary. In addition to these, we offer a range of extra-curricular content, art, languages, and so on. Our database of content is also increasing.


Enrol in a course

Learnine Schools integrates a blend of experiences to deliver our courses and lessons, including detailed written content, learning materials, videos, checkpoint quizzes and end of lesson assessments, face-to-face live online instruction, exam content and so on.

Start Learning

Learnine Schools provides you with detailed lessons and documents needed for your learning. Once you have registered with the school of your choice, you will be given access to your lessons online and offline by clicking on “courses”. Every lesson is prepared with text, videos, images, presentation, and even audio. All you need to learn and interact with your school and your teachers is provided here with Learnine Schools.

Our Mobile Apps are coming soon

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